City Partners

For a city leader who strives for better lives for its citizens, the process of identifying and verifying their challenges, sourcing new opportunities for solving those challenges from a global marketplace and implementing pilots may all happen before any formal procurement process is underway.

The Agile Cities Programme is working alongside cities to develop good practice and marketplace tools to improve pre-procurement processes and develop a more transparent and effective marketplace for innovation city solutions. In 2013 over 50 cities participated in Agile Cities supporting the programmes baseline research which through oneline surveys and in-depth interviews with city practitioners:

  • Identified existing barriers to uptake of solutions
  • Revealed good practice in bringing innovations into cities, and
  • Identified the tools cities need to overcome these barriers and implement good practice

In 2013 cities can participate in the Agile Cities process by:

> Being part of a network of innovators spreading good practice in bringing new solutions into cities. Contact the Agile Cities team if you would like your city to participate in knowledge sharing through the network.

>> Development of the Agile Cities Knowledge Portal providing highlights of research findings on procurement of innovation, and good practice case studies to be shared with cities worldwide. Contact the Agile Cities team if you would like more information on the portal or would be willing to participate in interviews and surveys for the portal.

>> Participating in the development and testing of Agile City ‘pre-procurement’ tools. Contact Agile Cities if you would like to be part of the city stakeholders consultation group as we develop and test new Agile Cities pre-procurement and procurement tools.

Participating Cities

We would like to thank the following cities for their participation in Agile Cities in 2012, and look forward to continuing to work alongside them as we develop our Agile City tools in 2013.

  • Aberdeen City Council
  • Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation
  • Bristol City Council
  • City of Aachen
  • City of Alcorcón
  • City of Amsterdam
  • City of Austin
  • City of Barcelona
  • City of Berlin
  • City of Birmingham
  • City of Bottrop
  • City of Bristol
  • City of Cape Town
  • City of Chicago
  • City of Cologne
  • City of Constance
  • City of Donostia-San Sebastian
  • City of Eindhoven
  • City of Friendrichshafen
  • City of Fukuoka
  • City of Hamburg
  • City of Helmond
  • City of Kortrijk
  • City of Lausanne
  • City of Lavasa
  • City of Lyon
  • City of Maipú
  • City of Melbourne
  • City of Odense
  • City of Ottawa
  • City of Rio de Janeiro
  • City of Rotterdam
  • City of Sacramento
  • City of San Francisco
  • City of Seoul
  • City of Tarragona
  • City of Terrassa
  • City of Toronto
  • City of Vienna
  • City of Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • City of Zurich
  • Furesø Kommune
  • Governo do Rio de Janeiro
  • Innovation City Bottrop
  • Kansas City
  • Kista Science City
  • Lagos State Government
  • Manchester City Council
  • Municipality of Cesena
  • Municipality of Guarulhos
  • Municipality of Paredes
  • Sant Cugat del Vallès
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Toronto

Thanks to the following organisations for their feedback

Universidad de San Andres
City of Eindhoven
City of Fukuoka – Urban Lab
New Cities Foundation
Telefonica S.A.

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