Tools for Agile Markets

In 2012 Agile Cities conducted research with 60 global cities on practices and barriers to procurement of innovative city solutions, and the new pre-procurement tools that cities and solutions providers need to overcome existing barriers and market failures.

In 2013-2014 the Agile Cities team will work to develop tools to meet these needs.

Tools under development

Agile Cities partner has already developed and hosts a number of tools which it will continue to refine through the Agile Cites programme:

  • Online Showcases:  an online catalogue of innovative city solutions
  • Project Validation Tools: a process of validation offered to build solution providers’s trust and credibility.
  • Calls for solutions: A complete service to help organisations to define their needs, publish them and discover the best solutions in the global marketplace
  • LLGA 2013: Annual city challenge program that supports cities in articulating their needs and finding innovative solutions.

Tools for development in 2013

 Impact Validation Tool 

In order to improve the accessibility and transparency of the city solutions marketplace a number of institutions and initiatives are developing metrics and KPI’s to measure the performance of cities, and the impact that solutions can have in improving cities’ sustainability. In order to compliment this activity the Agile Cities team will develop a validation tool that allow solutions providers to validate the performance of project implementations against a set of indicators agreed by project stakeholders. The validation tool metrics will be developed in partnership with experts and industry partners,  and the online tool then created and tested through the CityMart platform.  Interested parties are invited to contact the Agile Cities team.

‘Readiness for innovation’ City Self-Assessment Tool

The Agile Cities team will work to translate the findings of the Agile Cities research, and the Agile Cities Knowledge Portal into a self-assessment toolkit for cities. The tool will enable cities to assess their readiness for innovation and Future City service integration, and provide guidance on steps they can take to improve their pre-procurement and procurement processes. The Climate Group will convene partners and a stakeholder review panel to support this project, and interested parties are invited to contact the Agile Cities team.

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