Good Practice

In 2012 Agile Cities conducted research with 60 global cities on practices adopted in the pre-procurement and procurement of innovative city solutions, exploring each of the ’10 Steps from Idea to Deployment’. Research included a detailed quantitative survey on the procurement processes of 50 cities, and 30 in-depth case studies based on desktop research and detailed interviews with city practitioners from cities across Asia, Africa, Europe and the U.S. A list of participating cities can be found in the partners section of the website.

In 2013 this research will be developed into the Agile Cities Knowledge Portal containing:

  • An overview and ‘Quick facts’ on the impact of pre-procurement
  • A series of articles on the importance of, barriers in and good practices for each of the 10 Steps required to deploys innovations in cities
  • A searchable database of pre-procurement good practice case studies for each of the 10 Stages of Innovation
  • An online showcase of existing and emerging pre-procurement tools available for cities, such as the Green Growth Impact Validation Tool and the ‘Readiness for innovation’ City Self-Assessment Tool
Cities Innovations: 10 Steps from Idea to Deployment

Cities Innovations: 10 Steps from Idea to Deployment

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